A Few Changes to SFJ

Dear readers,

A few changes have taken place here at Speculative Fiction Junkie over the past few days, and there’s at least one more in the offing:

(1) There’s a new background image. If you’re screen is wide enough, you’ll see a dark background image with some calligraphy on it. I created the image by taking a public domain image of an illuminated manuscript, cropping it, and then messing with the color and hue values. I’m quite pleased with it.

(2) Speculative Fiction Junkie now has its own domain! That’s right: the new address is, fittingly,


Within a few days, visitors should start being automatically redirected to the new address. That’s the hope anyway. It seems just as likely that something will get colossally messed up and I’ll have to start over. Cross your fingers.

(3) I created a tag cloud. It’s in the right-hand column.

(4) I’ve got a new feature that I hope to roll out in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting, as always!




  1. C.G.Leslie

    Like the changes Ben, presume the old name remains valid and we don't have to resubscribe the feed?

    Also there's a mysterious white line on my screen on the right hand side of your manuscript background. Maybe it's just me.

    Looking forward to the secret new thing.

  2. Ben

    Colin, I'm glad you like them. And, yes, I hope that you don't have to resubscribe to the feed. I guess I won't really know for a few days. If you got notified that I had posted this post, however, it suggests that everything is in working order I guess.

    Darn that white line! I can't see it but I just tried to fix it. Maybe it's gone now?

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